Depression – The Real Silent Killer

When I first heard about depression, I didn’t quite take it seriously. Most people still don’t actually believe that it’s a real disorder, and that it can drive many, to do harmful things to themselves and others.

The aim of this post is to simplify the term Depression, in order to educate those of us who still aren’t sure what it really is.

Depression is a common mental disorder that negatively affects one’s emotions, thoughts, and behaviour. When a person is feeling depressed, they tend to feel sad and lack interest in doing activities that they once enjoyed. Depression is not a mood that you can just simply snap out of. Symptoms of depression will usually last for at least two weeks, and below are some immediate signs that will tell you that something has changed:

  • You have a persistent feeling of sadness, anxiety, and emptyiness
  • You feel hopeless – as though there’s nothing to look forward to in life
  • You feel guilty, worthless and restless

Depression can affect anyone. It is usually caused by a combination of factors, and each person has a complex pattern of factors that work together to either cause or prevent it from happening. So there is not one way to get depressed, as everyone is different. Depression is a treatable disorder, (thank goodness) and studies show that between 80 – 90% of people experience some kind of relief from their symptoms, after receiving treatment. With that said, each person needs to go through an evaluation process to reveal the severity of the disorder before and after getting treated for it.

There are many stages of depression. Read this story, to get an understanding of how sever depression can get: Jay Milanoff’s story.

This post was inspired by the late Lara Kruger’s recent story in the media. I remember just how sad I was that such a talented bright soul was lost, and that depression had played a part in the loss. Rest in Peace Miss Lara Kruger.

This is how you can get help, if you ever start experiencing the above mentioned symptoms or you know someone who is showing signs of being depressed:

The South African Depression and Anxiety Group (SADAG)

— Open from 8am – 8pm everyday. Call: 011 234 4837

— For a suicidal emergency, contact SADAG on 0800 567 567. Their 24hr Helpline is 0800 12 13 14.

To learn more about depression, visit the SADAG website on:

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Credits: Video by Abigail Javier, cutesy of TimesLIVE YouTube channel.

Image by Christopher Campbell


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