Beauty Review: Signature Cosmetics Pressed Powder

I am a girl who’s always on the look out for products that are affordable but do their job really well. I like to feel like I am getting my money’s worth #GirlOnABudget. One such product that I am absolutely loving, is the Signature Cosmetics pressed powder in the shade, Caramello. Before I discovered this powder foundation, I was a loyal to the Ralo Cosmetics pressed powder in the shade Caramel, but Ralo has unfortunately closed shop in SA, and that’s when my search for the next best powder foundation started.

Most powder foundations dry out your skin and leave you looking like a patchy ghost, but this particular one leaves my skin feeling soft and looking radiant. I have really dry skin, to a point where petroleum jelly is the only form of moisturiser that properly does the job (PS – hit me up if you know any good lotion or cream that actually moisturises very dry skin) .

I have tried a lot of products that claim to moisturise dry skin – including Nivea’s body lotions and creams that are designed specifically for people with dry skin – and none of them feel moisturising, so you can imagine what a powder foundation can do to a person with my skin type. It can be very tricky trying to find a product that won’t add to your frustrations, but I am happy to inform you that this Signature pressed powder is perfect for my dry skin. After applying it, I don’t at all feel like my skin is about to crack, and this for me is a big plus.

The shade Caramello matches my skin tone perfectly and gives me very good coverage. In fact, I don’t need to wear liquid foundation under it. That’s how much coverage it is able to give. Yey for less makeup on hot summer days! 🙂

The only tiniest thing I don’t like about this foundation is that it isn’t as pressed as I normally like my pressed products to be, but this is just a preference.

The foundation retails at R85,00 and comes in four different shades; Caramello, Fudge, Translusent, and Translucent Bare. If you would like to get to know more about Signature Cosmetics & Fragrances, click here!


Image Cred: Signature website


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