To Relax, or to Continue being Natural?

Lately I’ve been thinking about relaxing my hair. I’ve decided that being natural requires too much time, that I feel I don’t want to spend on hair anymore. The truth is, detangling and having to stretch my hair every night before I sleep is exhausting.

When relaxed, all you need to do is moisturize and seal, easily comb through the hair, tie it in a bun, and then put a doek over it. Being natural requires extra steps such as sectioning your hair off into manageable sections, thoroughly combing or finger detangling through each section, and braiding or twisting each section, in order to allow the hair to be stretched until the next morning. In the morning, you need to unravel the braids or twists and then separate and comb through the lines created by the sections, and finallt pick at it until you reach a shape that you are comfortable with… That is just a lot!

Below, I weigh out the pro’s of having relaxed and natural hair. Hopefully after this, I will be able to see which will give me more joy and peace of mind.

Pros of having relaxed hair:

  • Easy to manage
  • Combing through it is a breeze
  • Easy to manipulate into a style of your choice
  • Scalp has little to no irritation because combing through is simple
  • No long routine when going to sleep
  • Wash days are quick and easy
  • Edges are easier to lay without having to use gel
  • It’s cheaper to maintain natural hair that it is to be natural

Pros of having natural hair

  • Fullness and thickness
  • Your hair is stronger because it doesn’t have chemicals in it
  • Versatile as you can have it both ways. If you want straight hair, you can straighten or blow dry it. (Miss me)
  • The feeling of embracing your natural curls

My main issue with natural hair is that it requires so much time, product, and attention. Life is already hard enough, and sometimes, I feel that all the hassle and work is not even worth it.

I’ll miss my curly strands, but it looks like relaxing is the way to go for me at this point. It’s been real.




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