Style Crush: Loot Love #KingLoot #WCW

You know that one person, whose outfits you always gush over? They always seem to get the details right, and they know just how to pair their accessories. Every wardrobe choice that they make is perfect for them, and they know it, so they just keep bringing the juice every single time. Well, for me, that person is Luthando Shosha, aka Loot love.

She embodies confidence, and she isn’t afraid to try out anything. It’s almost as though nothing could ever look bad on her.

Below, are my top 5 favourite outfits from #KingLoot:


And with that, she makes my #WCW for this week!

Let me know which outfit from the above is your personal favourite…




Featured Image was taken by Austin Malema.



  1. The second and the 3rd outfits……giving me goosebumps

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