Beautiful Hair for the Modern African Woman

If you’re anything like me, you are still scared to wear hair from another human being, and that narrows down your options to look like a modern elegant woman. I personally love the flair that straight silky hair gives, but I can’t seem to get over the fact that in order to get that exact look, I’ll need to weave in or wig on another human being’s hair on my actual head… *cringes* I know that I’ll have to get over that fear one day, but until then, I am comforted in that there are thousands of other hairstyles that women like me, can rock without feeling out of touch and inelegant.

One hair brand in South Africa that gives us African ladies a variety of hairstyle options, is Frika. Till this day, hairstyles still have different messages that they send to society, but women have come to realise that the focus is not on what the society says about your hair, but about how your hair makes you feel. Women all over the world are beginning to own and express their beauty and style the way they please, without caring what the next person’s opinion is, and they’re doing this through braids!

Speciality braids are growing in popularity because of their hot water properties that allow them to become curly or straightened when dipped in hot water. This makes it easier for today’s modern and upwardly mobile women to change their hairstyles as often as they like and feel beautiful, confident, empowered, elegant and glamorous — taking center stage every day of the week.

Frika has now added two more braids to their range that offers premium, high quality dry hair extensions at an affordable price, so you can be fashion forward without denting your budget. Women are spoilt for choice as we are no longer limited to adding inches to our hairstyles but can now experiment with length, colour and texture.

The new Luminance braid is a versatile, easy to maintain and tangle-free braid that curls in hot water.  The range comes in vibrant shades and Ombres, and your hair will do the talking when you enter a room.

If you want double the length and add twice the volume of a normal hot water braid, choose Frika’s Ultra Glam braid. This sensual braid is made of soft fiber to easily achieve waist-length ‘Boom Shaka’ braids made popular by the late South African Kwaito singer, Lebo Mathosa. Dip it in hot water for feminine soft curls. It comes in a myriad of colours that are solidly blended, traight out-of-the box.





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