Interview: 2018 Soweto Fashion Week’s Hair Stylist – Jimmy Shibambu

When a girl considers herself to look good, it also means that her shoes are on point and her hair is styled to the gods! Truth is, when your hair ain’t popping, you might as well stay home or commit to being average all day.

Thank goodness we have people who are passionate about making our hair look good, and one such person is Jimmy Shibambu. Jimmy was one of the hairstylists who created the Wakanda inspired hairstyles at this year’s Soweto Fashion week. I had the opportunity to interview him, and this is what he had to say:

1. Why did you feel it was important to incorporate Black Panther into the hairstyles?
It fitted very well with our theme which was Black and Flaw some, which is all about empowerment and celebrating the diversity of beauty.

2. How long did it take to conceptualize and create the hairstyles?
The whole conceptualization, including that of the hairstyles took about a month.

3. How important is it to always to always reinvent your looks?
Very important, because you have to constantly keep up with the latest trends so that your brand stays relevant.

 4. What would you say is on trend at the moment, and what can we look
forward to this summer?
The latest winter trends are natural looking curls, in warm earthy colours also tribal and Afrocentric braids. The prediction for the summer is that we are still going to see braids that are lightly styled, and not as heavy as the winter trends. Short hairstyles will also make a comeback in bold colours this summer.

5. What tip can you give to girls and guys out there who want to grow long healthy hair?
Firstly they need to make sure that they’re taking care of their natural hair. So, making sure that they go for regular trims and hair replenishing treatments.

6. How important is it for you to celebrate all types of skin colours and body shapes when considering hairstyles for your clients?
It is important because, every hairstyle can work for every face shape, it just depends on how it is styled.

7. Which hair pieces do you recommend for the Wakanda inspired hairstyles?
Darling Bantu locks, Yaki braid, Vibrations, Afro Kinky, Super Star and Million Braid. *

I will definitely be taking all of the advise mentioned above, and will be trying out some of the hairpieces he used, to create the hairstyles that Jimmy created at this year’s Soweto Fashion week.


Jimmy is a creative hair & braiding stylist with more than 15 years of experience. He is responsible for some of the most amazing hairstyles seen at Soweto fashion week shows and currently works as a technician and educator for Darling Hair Africa. When he’s not styling backstage he’s working his magic on set for Darling photo shoots.

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