Win a Darling Conscious Hamper for playing your part on Mandela Day


Mandela Day falls on 18 July, when we celebrate a struggle hero and an icon. It’s a day where we pay tribute to a man who sacrificed 27 years of his life, so we can be free – free to express ourselves.

In the spirit of his generosity, Darling would like to give you an opportunity to win a Darling Conscious Hamper worth R600.00!

All you need to do is:

  • Comment on the below post by telling me what you will be doing to make a difference on Mandela Day
  • Follow me on Twitter and Instagram, and like my page on Facebook.

No matter how small your action, Mandela Day is about changing the world for the better, just as Nelson Mandela did every day of his life.

The “Darling Conscious Hamper” is for the mindful generation, and with it, Darling aims to encourage free-thinking and motivate you to express your thoughts. The hamper contains the following:

  • A pair of earphones to listen to music that inspires you to make positive changes in your life and the lives of those around you;
  • A notepad to write down all our thoughts and plans to succeed;
  • A power bank to keep your communication devices alive, so you can voice your opinions and express yourself on your various social media platforms;
  • Darling hair products from the Wakanda rage to express awesome flawsomeness; and
  • A Book by Norman Vincent Peale “The power of positive thinking”




  1. I plan on going to a children’s home and helping out. Particularly with babies. ❤️

  2. I am going to join in feeding scheme and help in arrange meals for those in need.
    The bigger team the more the people we can reach.

  3. l recently got selected by @news24 as the #100YoungMandelasOf The Future and this inspired me ,that despite having grown without basic needs,certain people deemed it fit to help me in their little ways to help me register at University and have basic needs ,thus l am more than eager to spread this kindness forward and live to the name of Madiba who not only sacrificed for himself ,but for everyone to live and free their potential.Through his sacrifices ,l am able ,despite financial constraints ,to tap into spaces that enable me to become the woman l dream to be.Hence ,l will use my 67 minutes by firstly submitting the care packs for cancer patients that are reportedly extremely needed in the cancer care centres,and furthermore,l shall spend my day at the centre ,rendering my services.

  4. I will be donating toys and clothes to a children’s home.

  5. I will be donating toys and clothes to a children’s home

  6. I am going to help pack food hampers with Pick n Pay

  7. Its unfortunate that its not a public holiday and i still have to work ( or could it be because its not just mandela day. Its the centenary). But i will donate blood during lunch time

  8. I’ll be having a re-exam at school on Mandela Day, Hopefully I can bring change to my academic record.
    The university will also be engaging in the 67 minutes campaign and as a volunteer for the community engagement “society” I fell like the little i’ll be assisting with on that day will contribute to the great change.

  9. The 67 minutes on Mandela day gives each one of us an opportunity to take the focus off ourselves and devote our time and energy in making the world a better place for others.I'm passionate about children and teaching in general. It breaks my heart to see many of them being denied the opportunity to have a normal childhood development due to circumstances they find themselves in. I have therefore spent the past 3 months making toys from simple materials that are readily available for a childcare centre that is in my neighbourhood. I can't wait to donate them on Mandela Day and play with the children!

  10. I am going to the soup kitchen to help prepare and serve the food. Super excited

  11. My family and I will be assisting a disabled neighbor this Mandela Day with repairs to her leaking roof and broken items in her home. We have decided to not just do this for one day but we having been using our own skills to assist the neighboring community with basic home repairs for the entire month. We have also asked each of the recipients to randomly be kind to someone they know in need, wether it is with one item or even a word of cheer so that we could cause a ripple effect of kindness. It may not be much but it is a great deal for those who are on the receiving end.

    1. Author

      Hi Melissa! Thank you for the great work that you’re doing in your community. May God continue to enrich you so that you can continue to help others. Well done girl! So proud of you. 😘😘 Love, Rose!

  12. So glad to see what everyone got up to, so sad that i couldnt do anything yesterday….. Good Luck to everyone who entered.

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