Review: A portable gadget that makes your captured moments tangible: HP Sproket

We all know that feeling of excitement that we get from taking the perfect selfie with our cellphones. The first thing I want to do when I capture the best selfie, is share it with all my followers on my social media platforms. But what if you could hold that same picture in your hands, literally within seconds?

Thanks to technology, we no longer need to go to a shop and pay someone to print out our photos for us. Why, because we live in the times of the HP Sproket Photo Printer. I got the chance to review the portable beauty, and this is what I think:

What I absolutely loved:

  • It is sleek and just plain gorgeous. The Sproket is literally classy. I couldn’t stop turning it around and gazing at how beautifully designed it is.
      It is so simple to use, like the kind of simple that’s too good to be true, only everything really is the way it seems. All I had to do was download the free Sproket App from my App Store, sign in, connect the device to my phone’s Bluetooth, put in some photo paper, and press print on the App, and just like that, it starts printing.


  • It fits in my handbag, the last thing you want is a heavy personal printer. You won’t have issues with this one, as it’s small enough to carry anywhere, but big enough to print cute pictures that you can easily decorate your work space, bedroom, memory book or any intimate space that you can think of.
  • The App is free on both Apple and Android devices. The worst thing you can do as a brand is charge consumers on a compulsory component of your product. So well done to HP on this. The App is also completely operative and user friendly.
  • It’s not noisy. We all know how loud traditional printers can be. This for me is definitely an awesome plus.

What I didn’t like:

  • The colours are not a 100% accurate. This however, isn’t too bad of a thing to make me not want to get it.
  • It was a tiny bit difficult to close the lid after putting in the photo paper. Directions would have been great.

All the facts:

  • It retails at R1999.00. Not bad for a device that you can use anywhere, at anytime.
  • It is water proof and prints 5 x 7.6 cm photos.
  • You can connect to it using your cellphone or tablet.
  • It is available in white with rose gold accents and black, with silver accents
  • It comes with a 10-pack of ZINK Photo Paper and Packs. You can buy more at selected iStores, HP stores or on HP’s website.

I think it is definitely worth the money if you’re looking to hold on to your perfect memories straight after capturing them. This is also a beautiful gift to give to someone who appreciates having tangible memories.

Let me know what you think!





  1. Im famous…. i see my picture somewhere there …… hahaha ….. But this HP Thing looks like a pretty cool investment

    1. Author

      It so is. Haahaa yes. I tested it on all sorts of pictures. I think it’s really cute. Will hand it over to you when I see you. 😘

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